Below are few testimonials from those who we have have the honor and pleasure to serve with in ministry.

Life Christian Education Center
Pastor Richard Ayimba, Director

Praise the Lord,
This is a big thank you from the director”s desk from Life Christian Education Center. We are very grateful for what you as a ministry (All For His Glory Ministries). In partnership with Manna Ministries has done to us as a center and we lack words to express our thanks. To this extent am very happy to inform you that we received the text books that you donated which included Preschool books, Class 1-6 (Grades 1-6)text books and encyclopedias for all the classes.

We would also love to say thanks for the donations that you left when you visited (Bibles, pencils, crayons, rulers, sharpeners, exercise books and rubbers. You have really made our work simpler as we can now minister to the children without struggle.Our teachers now have text books and we thank God for you. Our prayer is that God bless you greatly and increase your burns as it flows to the right direction. We promise to continue praying with you as we work towards the well being of our society.

Our doors are always open for you at any time. Feel welcome and we pray that this relationship is maintained that the child who could not get education can get it. We are here for the community

Thanks a lot.
Pastor Richard Ayimba

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Manna Ministries
Maurice, Benter and Entire Manna Staff and Schools in Nairobi Slums

Dearest Brother Wally and Sister Nidia.

Benter , Rodgers and Moses visited Georges School in Dandora Slums (Alliance Vision Education Center) to donate text books that you sent money to purchase. Like I shared before we chose to purchase books for 3 schools. namely Vision Alliance Education Center, Life Christian Education Center and Glorious Education Center.
Today we are sharing with you part of the photos from Benters visit to donate text books to Alliance Vision Education Center. It was a great day for the Director of this school George to receive the donations of books from you through our team and he said that this has been his prayer to have at least a copy of each text book needed for grades 1 to 6 so that at least the teachers has something to use teaching in class. He said that it was going to easen their work as teachers and also help them better offer quality education to the children.

We hope that in the future if the Lord releases more blessings we can add additional copies of text books for pupils to share in classes during lessons. But so far they can celebrate the Lords doings and say Ebenezer because what they witnessed is something that only God could do.

The teachers and the director of this school together with the pupils promised to pray for the Walkups, your business, ministries and family attached find photos of Benter donating the books to Alliance Vision Education Center hope that you are blessed to see these photos.

Also know that we are having you in our prayers and that God is growing your family in Kenya and also the number of people committed to praying for you keeps increasing as result of your love for them that they strongly feel through your generousity and support.

Blessings to you all,
Maurice, Benter and Entire Manna Staff of Manna and Schools in Nairobi Slums

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Brother Julius, Nakuru Kenya

Beloved Sister Nidia and Brother Wally,

I hope you are doing well, we are fine in our mighty Lord. My heart is full of joy this evening to share with you the great joy in the hearts of prisoners and the little children from our school for orphans and children from poor families.
We managed to make school uniforms as you can see from the picture, What a blessing!!! apart from uniforms I managed to buy writing material as you can see, exercise books, pencils, rubbers and a few red biro pens for their teachers to do the marking.This made them happy , some of them who could not come to school because there were no books for them were lucky enough and the following day they resumed for books and pencils were available – praise God! About 80% of this children are orphans of the post election ethnic violence , the rest are from poor families from slums that we have preached to the good news of our Lord Jesus and they have given their lives to Christ. I thank God that by Gods will this families will be able to get even Bibles that they may as well be able to read the word of God on their own Amen.

The ones in blue uniforms are the children in our school in western where we are trusting God to build a home & a school for orphans , i am yet to include you pictures of bibles and washing soap for born again prisoners. God bless you precious saints ,God bless All for His Glory Ministries! I can see light coming on in my ministry which was being crashed down by the enemy satan through ungodly men(Titus 1.12-16) ! I appreciate God for you my beloved ones, God bless you Amen!

Much love,
Brother Julius
Nakuru Kenya

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