Get Involved


Why should you get involved?

This answer is really simple. Jesus has commanded us to go. The great commission states, “go and make disciples of all nations” – Matthew 16:19.

What are the requirements to go?

Flexibility and a passion for the lost.

What if I don’t want to go overseas?

That’s OK. You can get involved with one of our partners in our local community. The needs are endless!

Is there any way I can get involved without actually going on a trip?

Yes! There are several ways you can be involved. You can be a prayer partner or give financially to a team member. Feel free to contact us if you wish to help.

Another way you can get involved is to help with GIVE. GIVE is a very important piece of our ministry. GIVE stands for Gratifying, Investing, Volunteering, Embracing.

Our purpose for GIVE is to comfort, encourage and to cover the families or family members in the love and care of Christ while their loved ones prepare for, serve on and return from their mission trip. We accomplish this by:

  • Assuring family members who stay home are surrounded by prayers.
  • Providing an evening of food, fellowship and prayer.
  • Having ministry team members available should a family have any needs.
  • Sharing truths we have learned serving on mission teams and staying home while our spouses served.
  • Providing support and encouragement while the team is away by meeting in the middle of the week for prayer time and sharing a meal together.
  • Encouraging fellowship among the families. Just as the mission team have become “one,” so should the families who are at home.